Day 2: Early Morning

The day started with a quick standup meeting in the morning;

It included Shaun (the developer), Pat (the project manager/requirements guy) and Claire (the Development manager). Pat speaks first:

Pat: “..As you know I was on site at the clients yesterday. It was a good day, we captured a lot of general requirements and were able to delve into some specifics in certain areas. I will document this today. I also spoke to them about our approach, let them know that we would need their time also so we can make the best product we can for them. They were a little hesitant about that so I promised to come back and explain more on that matter when we meet next. Basically they want to get moving on this ASAP so they are looking for a quote. As always, i will document everything on the appropriate project wiki page..So today I will continue to document everything and document our approach with the customer etc..”

Shaun: “..I was doing some work on project x yesterday, I had an hour or two left at end of day and seeing that Pat said it was a web-based project, I began setting up the infrastructure for this project. I will continue this today and hook up Hudson to our projects. By the end of the day I should the infrastructure setup finished and if i have time will look at what Pat has written up…”

Claire: “..Great guys, Pat, when is the quote to be in by exactly? It would be great if we could get some time to do some (RAD) rapid application development, flesh out some of the quick wins and discover any possible problems we may encounter with the requirements so far. It would be great to give you a working prototype to show and help you flesh out the requirements further when you got back to them. We really want to impress this customer, we could end up getting alot of work from them…”

Pat: “..At least a week Claire, maybe two, I will be talking with them later in the day on the phone so will flesh that out. I agree, by the sounds of things they have plenty of ideas in the pipeline, it would be great if we could become their preferred supplier of bespoke software..”

So after 10mins of talking they break up and get back to their work for the day.

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