Simple web application with Spring Security: Part 12

In this part, we add some code that lets us see the ACL populated database tables that we added to our application in the last post in this series.

ACL Demo Page

Basically we are going to create our own domain value-objects that will represent each ACL table and create a DAO per ACL value-object so we can access the data. All the data will be displayed on one jsp page (acldemo.jsp). On this page will be the explanation of each of the ACL Tables and their columns.

Our example sets up the domain object project (specifically the ProjectImpl, implementation) and creates entries in the ACL tables so we may restrict certain access to specific instances of ProjectImpl.

Getting the code

The code for this part is tagged and available for viewing online at:

SVN Url:


One Response to “Simple web application with Spring Security: Part 12”

  1. Roland Everaert. Says:


    Code for part 12 to 15 are mission in the google code repository.

    Did you plan to add them at some point in time?

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